Sorin Sorescu

International Advisor (AML & Banking Regulation)

Sorin Sorescu is currently employed as a Senior Legal Advisor and General Inspector in the Monitoring of International Sanctions Enforcement, Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Division of the National Bank of Romania. One of his previous responsibilities at the bank was  to check the compliance of law with the EU acquis communautaire. Previous experience in the Regulation & Licensing Department includes the drafting of financial market legislation relating to banking lending practice, the prevention and combating of money laundering and terrorist financing and international sanctions and deposit guarantee schemes.

He is an active member of several inter-institutional working groups on matters such as mortgage credit, deposit guarantee schemes and the transposition of the the EU Money Laundering Directives into Romanian legislation. He is also a member of the National Bank of Romania’s Experts Team that meets industry representatives to demonstrate the practical aspects of legislative implementation. In this role he guides the national response to Moneyval and IMF inspection teams. He is an appointed member of the Board of Directors of the Romanian Banking Institute.

Since 2011 he has been engaged by the EU as an AML Expert working in the northern part of Cyprus. This team included the owner of AML Consulting (Global) Ltd, who worked directly with Sorin for two years. As part of the TAIEX medium term assistance in the field of the free movement of capital, he has written a new draft AML law and taken part in various AML training activities.

His hobbies include mountain walking, skiing, playing football (as a successful member of the Romanian Central Bank Team) and the appreciation of fine wine.


  • Bachelor of Law – (Romanian – American University 2001)
  • Masters in Financial and Banking Management  (Romanian – American University 2008)

Specialist Skills

Legal draftsman and Expert on matters relating to the Acquis, FATF Recommendations, international banking law, preparation of gap analysis. He reads, writes and speaks fluent English and French.

Countries in Which Employed

United Kingdom, Romania, Ukraine, northern part of Cyprus, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan & Mauritius.