Mark Cameron retired from Cumbria Police in 2013 having served as a police officer for 31 years.  For almost 20 years, he worked as a specialist in cybercrime investigation and forensic computing and was involved in many criminal investigations where computer and mobile phone evidence was presented to the courts in the UK and abroad.

He spent a number of years working at the Centre for National High Tech Crime Training where he was responsible for authoring and training many of the courses that are still trained in the UK and worldwide today.  He also spent a number of years heading up the forensic computing response for the Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre (CEOP) in the UK where he was involved in many high profile cases both nationally and internationally.

Since retiring from the police, Mark has run his own consultancy in forensic computing, mobile phone investigation and cybercrime and has worked extensively in the UK and abroad delivering training and lectures in this specialised area.  Mark has also designed and delivered a number of international courses for the UK College of Policing (formerly the NPIA) and remains an Associate Consultant for them.


  •  MSc in Forensic Computing awarded in 2006 by Cranfield University & the Royal Military College of Science.

Specialist Skills

Design and delivery of forensic computing, mobile phone examination & investigation, network investigation, internet investigation, covert internet and high-tech search & seizure courses and seminars.

Countries in Which Employed

UK, USA, Serbia, Dubai, Denmark, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, India, Kenya, Ukraine, Barbados, Kyrgyzstan & Jordan.