Lawrie Day

CEO & Consultant

Lawrie is the CEO of AML Consulting (Global) Ltd having established the company in 2011 after he retired from London’s Metropolitan Police Service in 2010. He was a career Detective and served the last 12 years of his service as a Financial Investigator specialising in serious and organised crime such as money laundering, complex fraud, human trafficking, obscene publications, casino crime, and drug trafficking. During this time, Lawrie identified, recovered and repatriated millions of Euros of the proceeds of crime from offshore jurisdictions which subsequently resulted in a substantial number of convictions for money laundering, leading to deprivation and confiscation of those proceeds. As a consequence he was commended for his work on numerous occasions and won the UK Government’s Home Office ‘Best Practice in Asset Recovery’ Award for his financial investigation & prosecution for money laundering of an organised crime group importing and distributing cocaine into the UK.

Since retiring from the Police in May 2010 he has been engaged as a Consultant on behalf of the European Union, the Council of Europe, UK FCO, DfID, National Crime Agency (formerly SOCA), OSCE, Council of Europe and other international donors & institutions providing technical assistance on public, private and transition projects. He focuses primarily in the areas of free movement of capital, anti corruption, anti-money laundering, combating the financing of terrorism, intelligence development and financial investigation techniques relating to transnational crime.

Lawrie has also designed and delivered a number of international courses for the UK College of Policing (formerly the NPIA) and the UK National Crime Agency. He continues to design and deliver AML training for many domestic and international donors. His latest projects involves designing and delivering  training in Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean.


TAP Certified L&D Practitioner
BTEC Professional Diploma in Financial Investigation

Specialist Skills
Project management, the design and delivery of financial investigation, anti corruption, AML, intelligence development, financial investigation & asset recovery training, fraud investigation, technical guidance, gap analysis, legislative review and reform.

Countries in Which Employed
UK, Australia, USA, Jamaica, Gibraltar, Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Moldova, Macedonia, Estonia, Qatar, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Zambia, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Poland, France, the Kingdom of Jordan, Barbados, Cyprus, UAE and Mauritius.