James Stark

Consultant (Cyber Crime)

James Stark retired from London’s Metropolitan Police in 2006 after a 30-year career. He gained experience in all major crime investigations, but in particular Fraud, Financial Investigation and Cybercrime.

Prior to his retirement, he was High-Tech Crime Course Manager at the National Specialist Law Enforcement Centre (now UK College of Policing). He was responsible for the design and delivery of modular courses, which still form the backbone of UK national high-tech crime training, including Covert Policing of the Internet.

He was an Associate Tutor for Canterbury Christ Church University on their MSc Cybercrime Forensics programme, and a member of the UK Skills for Justice group developing the ‘National Occupational Standards for Countering E-Crime’.

He authored the first UK law enforcement high‐tech crime online module “NCALT First Responder E-Learning Programme.” He was co-author of the EC OISIN II manual “Seizure of E-Evidence – A Guideline for First Responders,” for investigators across Europe, and was acknowledged in the “ACPO Good Practice Guide for Computer-Based Electronic Evidence”.

James is an Associate Consultant at the UK College of Policing and Skills for Justice and has delivered bespoke training to UK private sector organisations and anti-piracy units.

Specialist Skills

Fraud & Financial Investigation, Anti-Corruption, Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing, Internet Investigations and Cybercrime.

Countries in Which Employed

UK, Hong Kong Police, Ireland, Bangladesh, Abu Dhabi, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Qatar, Ukraine and Kenya.