Bob Murrill


Bob Murrill served in the Metropolitan Police for 33 years before retiring as the Detective Superintendent in charge of the Covert Policing Branch at New Scotland Yard, where he was responsible for Undercover operations, Informants and Witness Protection. Bob was also a trained hostage negotiator and was involved in successful resolution of Kidnaps within London, the UK and Internationally. Before taking over the Covert policing branch Bob worked as a Detective on the Homicide, Ant-corruption and Anti-terrorist branches and represented the Metropolitan Police on a number of National bodies connected with covert policing. More recently he has been involved in academic research on behalf of the College of Policing and is a research associate at the University of Portsmouth.


  •  MSc in Investigative Forensic Psychology
  • Associate of the International Academy for Investigative Psychology
  • Council of Europe expert on Anti-Corruption and Risk Management

Specialist Skills

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Evaluation of credibility within the forensic environment
  • Training in covert methodologies

Countries in Which Employed

Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Malaysia and United Kingdom.