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The AML Consulting Global Group now incorporates Cognitas Global Ltd through which we will be offering consulting services for our proprietary immersive training platform, View360 Global™, together with subscription models for organisations wishing to licence it.


We will be announcing details of these models in due course. However, please contact us if you require any further information.

Or keep up to date on our social media channels.

Supporting the Rule of Law Program for the Western Balkan

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AML Consulting Global have been pleased to support the Rule of Law Program for the Western Balkans in partnership with the AIRE Centre and the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI)

Lawrie Day, Jill Thomas and Fiona Jackson delivered the final 3-day practitioner workshop in Tirana, Albania for criminal justice representatives from nine countries which focused on International Cooperation and Mutual Legal Assistance. 

The 3-day workshop featured a blended learning approach and incorporated a one-and-a-half-day immersive exercise using our View360 Global Immersive platform.


Desislava Gotskova (Project Manager) stated that 


“AML Consulting has delivered another excellent workshop which has centred on providing practitioner skills and tools that will enable our members to use these in their workplace immediately. View360 Global has again proved most effective as an immersive training tool, as it presents relevant case scenarios which have fully engaged our participants on all the training that has been delivered on the project.”


AML Wins New Contract.

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AML Consulting (Global) has just won a contract to deliver a Cybercrime course to practitioners in Uzbekistan for the British Embassy and the National Crime Agency. The training will be delivered by two of our Subject Matter Experts in Tashkent in December.

The object of the training is to deliver an Immersive Interactive Regional Cyber-crime Foundation course for 15 investigators from Central Asian Law Enforcement Agencies to enable them to investigate cyber-enabled and cyber dependent crime.

Anti-corruption scenario delivered using our immersive platform, View360 Global

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Bill Durrant and Mark Heffer recently delivered two more courses in the series of seven in Belgrade on behalf of the OSCE to anti-corruption practitioners. To date, 75 practitioners have been trained on a bespoke anti-corruption scenario delivered using our immersive platform, View360 Global. The remaining four courses will be delivered in later this month and will conclude in November.

Click here to find out more about The View360 Global Platform.




Interactive Money Laundering Investigative Techniques

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OSCE Mission to Serbia

View 360 Training Anti Money LaunderingThe Security Co-operation Department of the OSCE Mission to Serbia organised a three-day specialised training course from the 11th to the 13th of September on “Interactive Money Laundering Investigative Techniques” to police investigators and prosecutors from Serbian specialised Anti-Corruption Departments.

The Head Of The Security Cooperation Department Robert Kucharski opened the event. Mr Kucharski underlined the Mission’s role in rising capacities of Serbian prosecutors and police investigators in money laundering cases.

This training is the 1st out of 7 training courses scheduled to be held before the end of November. One hundred fifty participants will complete training during this time.

Two of AMLs Consulting Globals international experts, Bill Durrant and Mark Heffer, delivered the training.

Our immersive learning platform View360 Global was used to provide the participants with an opportunity to engage in an interactive case study exercise relating to their current roles during which they were required to evidence a rationale based decision-making process relating to a money-laundering investigation based on a corruption typology.

The training represents the 14th country in which View360 Global has been deployed to deliver bespoke capacity building training.


Read more about View360 Global. 

International Cooperation & Mutual Legal Assistance Workshop

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Lawrie Day, Jill Thomas and Fiona Jackson delivered a four-day workshop on International Cooperation and Mutual Legal Assistance in Almaty, Kazakhstan for the UNODC.

Representatives of the West and Central Asia Asset Recovery Interagency Network (ARIN-WCA) from 7 Asian countries attended the workshop.

The workshop focused on sharing international best practice and practitioner skills in international cooperation for asset recovery cases.

A 2-day immersive exercise was the feature of the work using the View360 Global platform, where groups conducted a simulated financial investigation where we identified assets in 9 countries through the delivery of over 40 documents and other media. This workshop continues the UNODC’s support program for the ARIN WCA.

Contact us to find out more about our international workshops or View360 Global Platform.


AML Announce Partnership With The City Of London Police, Economic Crime Academy.

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AML Consulting Global are pleased to announce our partnership with the City of London Police, Economic Crime Academy (ECA) who have licenced our immersive training platform View360 Global™ for use in delivering their internationally renowned economic crime investigation courses.

We look forward to working with the Academy over the next 2 years to support their staff through the design and delivery processes of a portfolio of new immersive courses designed to combat current and emerging typologies which will be delivered to global practitioners.

DCI Chris Felton the Head of the Economic Crime Academy at the City of London Police said, “The Academy are always looking at new and innovate ways to make training more interesting and this immersive learning platform will allow us to deliver elements of training with a new perspective’


AML Consulting Global Collaborate With North Kent College.

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AML Consulting (Global) Ltd are delighted to be collaborating with North Kent College as their Industry Placement Providers.

AML Consulting Global truly believes placements are a great way to allow students an opportunity to develop their practical, technical and interpersonal skills alongside their respective courses.

As an employer, we feel it also gives us the chance to ensure that young people are developing the skills and experience that the industry needs.

Having a placement student was a great way to get involved in supporting our local training provider, and we saw it mutually benefiting the business, the college and most importantly, the student.

Our placement student acted as an extra resource for projects where they were given a platform to bring in fresh and creative ideas onto the table.

Working with our team, our student drafted brand guidelines for two of our companies and designed a new logo for another. It was an excellent opportunity for the business to develop existing staff’s mentoring and management skills. We also saw it as a stepping stone for potentially creating entry-level jobs in the future.

We hope to continue the partnership with North Kent College and hope we can add value to their Industry Placement Programme.


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AML Consulting Global Continues Its Longstanding Assistance To The National Crime Agency

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AML Consulting Global continued its longstanding assistance to the National Crime Agency and British Embassies in Asia last week when Nadia Tuominen and Jon Blake delivered a Strategic Intelligence and Analysis training course at the Academy of the General Prosecutors Office in Tashkent to various representatives from Uzbekistan law enforcement agencies.

We would like to thank the participants who were fully engaged and delivered some excellent exercise briefings.


We would also like to thank Fred Hellon (NCA) and Luiza Khanipova (British Embassy) for their exceptional work in delivering their program of technical assistance throughout the region and promoting the close relationships between the UK and Asian countries.

The most rewarding aspect for us and all that have been involved in this process is that the international community is now starting to recognise tangible results in the form of Unexplained Wealth Orders and other international cooperation in respect of asset recovery led by the UK but now with international cooperation that is encouraged by the real prospect of the repatriation of proceeds of crime.


Read more about our work in Uzbekistan

Immersive Training with View360 Global™

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View360 Global™ is an easy to use, versatile, stable, multi-lingual training platform. It is used as a modern-day blended learning approach to education.

View360 Global™ transposes the linear paper feed case study principle. Providing an immersive learning environment in which participants learn and are challenged through media-driven exercises. These can be based through any scenario: whether testing policy, resilience, or working through an investigative case study. Training can take place over a period of hours or days.

The principle is based on small groups of learners/participants (within a larger group environment) using allocated laptops, on which they are fed various types of media (includes movies, audio files, JPEGS or any picture files and PDFs of any document) through a structured and time-critical process.

Participates are required to respond to a challenge or task during which time they are required to evidence critical thinking processes through the recording of decisions and rationale. The recordings are attributable to individuals and therefore, can be used for formal educational assessment processes. We capture the whole process for audit, analysis, debriefing and management reporting purposes in MS Word document format, and this facility will also translate responses into English from any one of 90 languages.

The facilitators can monitor all of the groups, at any time, through an input on a separate device. During the training, facilitators can observe and use the time to identify gaps in knowledge in realtime during the live sessions. Relevant points are debriefed in plenary at the end of the sessions. This, therefore, reduces the time taken when delivering traditional didactic presentations where knowledge is often repeated, or time prohibits or restricts learning and comprehensive debriefing.

The proven benefits are:

• Creates a safe environment in which errors can be made, and learning is remembered (sustainability).
• Simulation of a critical incident or investigation process based on the experience of an organisation makes it meaningful and relevant to the participants. Creates an immediate ‘buy-in’.
• Decisions are fully recorded, tracked and audited, which allows all participants to contribute and to share experiences that might not be drawn in traditional methods.
• Each participant is fully engaged throughout the exercise; they assume identical roles and responsibilities which would be undertaken in a real-life incident.
• The use of experts with specialist knowledge and expertise acting as facilitators provide a wide spectrum of learning and analysis.
• Pre-/de-brief major or complex investigations and work through investigative decision-making and actions;
• Examine and ‘stress-test’ existing policies and procedures;
• Create or enhance policies and procedures;
• Enhance decision-making and risk management;
• Increase learning opportunity through more effective use of training time representing increased value for money
• Can be used as a training needs analysis tool

There are two versions of View360 Global™

The training facilities provided View360 Global™ can be delivered securely using a system based on a Local Area Network (LAN – Desktop version) which does not require the internet or delivered through a Cloud-based system through a browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

The Cloud-based version platform is capable of delivering the training in over 90 languages either from one location or remotely between locations in different cities or countries. An exercise can be facilitated from London with the participants being in many different countries. Up to 18 participant laptops can be logged in to an immersive training at any one time on either version.

We can demonstrate the security of this platform to the acceptable industry standard and work with the client to ensure confidence is achieved, which would include the setting up of the client’s Government standard Amazon Web Space to hold any course materials.

The significant difference between our platform and others is that the client can exercise complete autonomy in the course design and use of the platform. There are no restrictions or conditions placed on its use in terms of oversight of any materials or course programs by AML Consulting (Global) UK Ltd. The client is not required to use our materials, pre-designed programs or use our consultants for delivery.

The only requirement for any intervention by AML Consulting would be for the provision of training, upgrades any technical support or the separate contracting by a client to assist in any particular design process that does not form part of the training offered under any contract awarded. The client also has complete control over the access to, and security of its course materials and product, as no materials, are held by AML Consulting or its subcontractors that are providing support.

We have used our View360 Global™ immersive training platform in the UK and across 12 other countries in a variety of different languages, including:


Dec 2017 Uzbekistan (Donor UK National Crime Agency) – Delivery of a 5-day anti-corruption course for Prosecutors, Investigators and members of the Financial Intelligence Unit in Uzbekistan. The 3-day View360 Global™ immersive case study incorporated a theme based on corruption, drug trafficking, terrorist financing and proactive intelligence-led money laundering and asset recovery investigative strategies. The course was delivered in Russian.


March 2018 – Moldova (Donor – the Council of Europe) – Delivery of a 3-day workshop on the development of intelligence in money laundering investigation in trafficking in human being investigations for the Moldovan Ministry of Interior. We conducted a 1-day View360 Global™ immersive case study.


March 2018 – The Hague (Donor the Institute for International Criminal Investigations) – Delivery of a 5-day financial investigation course for War Crimes Investigators and members of the International Criminal Court. We conducted a 2.5-day View360 Global™ immersive case study based on money laundering and asset recovery typologies.


May 2018 – Kazakhstan (Donor UK National Crime Agency) – Delivery of a 5-day anti-corruption and counter-terrorist financing course for Prosecutors, Investigators and members of the Financial Intelligence Unit in Kazakhstan. We conducted a 3-day View360 Global™ immersive case study


September – December 2018 – United Arab Emirates (Donor UK National Crime Agency) – Design and delivery of a 4 x 10-day Skills for Justice accredited money laundering investigation courses to UAE Prosecutors & Investigators. A View360 Global™ immersive case study is built into the course as part of the pass/fail assessment process.


September 2018 – St Lucia (Donor Regional Security System) – Design and delivery of a 5-day SARs intelligence development course for members of the RSS which was held in St Lucia. We conducted a 2-day View360 Global™ immersive case study.


September 2018 – February 2019 – New Delhi (Donor GIZ) – Design and delivery of 4 x 5-day ML/CFT financial investigation courses for the Prosecutors & Judges from the Afghanistan Anti-Corruption & Judicial Centre (ACJC)


November 2018 – Uzbekistan (Donor UK National Crime Agency)– Design and delivery of a 3-day regional workshop on Mutual Legal Assistance. We conducted a 1.5 -day View360 Global™ immersive case study.


December 2018 – Isle of Man Ships Registry – Delivery of critical incident management exercise relating to international shipping incidents

December 2018 – Isle of Man – to deliver compliance e training to representatives from the IOM regulated sector.


February 2019 – The Hague (Donor the Institute for International Criminal Investigations) – Delivery of a 5-day financial investigation course for War Crimes Investigators and members of the International Criminal Court. We conducted a 3 -day View360 Global™ immersive case study based on money laundering and asset recovery typologies.


May 2019 – Skopje, North Macedonia (Donor – The Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative) – Delivery of a 3-day workshop on asset recovery, international cooperation and mutual legal assistance course for representatives from 10 countries


July 2019 – Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina (Donor – The Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative) – Delivery of a 2-day workshop on corruption and terrorist financing for representatives from 11 countries attending the 2019 Summer School for anti-corruption practitioners.


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